Money decides what you see, hear and know

Corporate ownership and commercial pressures influence media content. Countless examples can be given in how journalists forget their role in democratic societies as the fourth power and evolve into mouthpieces of the rich & powerful. By supporting native journalists and authors we can both publish the views of the people in each country and strengthen progressive journalism worldwide. This site will have no advertisement beside the ones for leftist organizations and no sponsor beside you as the readers and audience of „progressive journalism and media”.

Send us your Articles and short storiespreferably in both your native language and in english

We will edit and publish your articles or short sories on this website. Our readers can comment on the texts and get in touch with our authors by using our discord channel. After a minimum of 5 Articles or short stories you will be part of the projomedia team. This means that, at the end of the year, you will get your fair share of the donations made by our readers.

Some ground rules: We stand for open societies worldwide and the inviolability of human dignity. Please do a good research and use references when you send in your Articles.

Projomedia is not only about Journalism

Let´s be clear: Projomedia is a leftist project with the goal to be a guidepost for next generation journalism.We differentiate between journalism and activism so our articles are purely informative. This website is interactive. By using our discord channel you can get in Contact with eachother and ask for research assistance from journalists all around the world. Depending on our budget which will be created by our readers, we plan to fund your projects. For activists however, we have „Progressive Projects”. For example a housing association that is globally active and is not profit-oriented.

All of this will be possible only if we get the financial support of our readers & members from all around the world.

For the combined Archive of Short Stories from Progressive Authors around the world encourage us to continue our work by donating.