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Utilizing abandoned public buildings that are the urban and cultural heritage of every city, via repurposing, instead of building new ones, is poorly accepted by the Macedonian public because it is deeply rooted in our consciousness that new is better than old. This mantra is imposed by the consumerism-stimulating establishment that sees everything through the prism of profit.
Europe, USA Handshake
The way Bernie Sanders and his program were treated and blocked by the Democrats doesn’t sit well with many left-wing voters even though Sanders endorsed Joe Biden as president. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stand for a policy that does not meet the expectations of the young people of the USA.
Workplace Transformation
The way we produce our goods and services determines the way we live. Workplace demands the most productive part of our day, of our energy and often even of our personality. You can like your work or hate it; this is how it usually goes.