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(This Article is available only in German) Twitter habe ich immer genutzt, um den kleinen Teil meiner Gedanken, die ich für hochwertig genug halte, dem Rest der Welt zugänglich zu machen. Irgendwann hab ich dann die Fragen in meinem Kopf geteilt und zu meinem Erstaunen haben viele geantwortet und zu noch größerem Erstaunen gab es faszinierende Antworten, die ich so nie gesehen hätte.
Helping animals that live on the streets of cities with very few green spaces has become a popular way of expressing the desire for a just and better world.
So not only do we get tons of false positives, wrongly blocked uploads, because they are simply too technically similar with content that needs to be blocked, no, we also get tons of false positives, tons of wrongly blocked uploads, because the computer is not able to interpret the necessary context of a content.
Photo By Alper Taparli
Claudia Dantschke is a renowned German expert on islamism and journalist. Having the human being in the center of her thoughts, her focus has been to win people back from a jihadist worldview for an open society that respects people as they are.